A.H Beard launches innovative new range to improve sleep quality.

In November 2017, driven by our mission to improve people’s lives through better sleep, we launched of a range of sleep technology products that deliver insight into sleep patterns and sleep environments as well as tips to ensure a refreshing night’s sleep. The event at Café Sydney, was hosted by Sandra Sully, who led a panel discussion with Dr Carmel Harrington and former Olympic swimmer Elka Graham, who provided some interesting insights into how elite athletes prioritise sleep.  

A.H. Beard CEO Tony Pearson said the innovative new devices extend A.H. Beard’s commitment to becoming the leading sleep solutions provider in Australia. “A quality mattress is essential to healthy sleep but research now available has led us to extend our expertise into areas that assist our customers to improve the quality of their sleep.”  View Products

Shanghai Green’s visit

In March 2017 we welcomed our Chinese partners from Shanghai Green to Australia. Emma Wang, the original buyer, toured our factory and believes this is an important partnership. She appreciates that “Australian mattresses are more scientific than the firm beds Chinese people are used to,” with consumers placing an increasing value on buying products to improve their quality of life.

China’s bedding market is ten times the size of Australia’s, allowing us to grow and sell at much higher prices. Our supply is keeping up with demand, creating one bed every minute and fitting into Shanghai Green’s projected growth from 36 stores to 100 in the next 6 years.

Malcolm Turnbull visits A.H. Beard

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull toured our factory in June 2016. He met several employees, learning of their roles in the company and success stories. He took a particular liking to Neville the mattress maker, “Neville, with his handsome white beard, has become a household figure in China."

Malcolm proudly addressed our productivity in China’s retail market, which has increased from shipping one container every three months, to one every three days. We share his excitement that 3% of our sales are to China, with this number continuously growing, “you have brilliant designers, brilliant embroiderers, brilliant engineers in a traditional business that are coming up with the best products in the world.”

John Howard visits A.H. Beard

John Howard and his wife Janette accompanied Chairman Garry Beard, Allyn and their two sisters to our opening in Shanghai, China in 2013. “A.H. Beard has been a very successful Australian company for more than 100 years. It produces a very high quality mattress, is a [family owned] company, and has always emphasized the individual craftsmanship in its products.” John predicted success from this partnership, “bedded into a relationship with Green retailing, a very well known retailing organisation in China. It will make [a wonderful, high quality product] available to middle class Chinese consumers, which has proved its worth in Australia, and I know will prove its worth in China."

Better sleep starts with better habits

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