Family is at the heart of our business

The A.H. Beard brand has been built on strong family values. Our founders, Enoch William and Albert Henry believed in lovingly manufactured, quality beds. 116 years on, this value runs true. Some things never change.

Meet Garry

As a fourth generation Beard, Garry was born with bedding in his blood. When he isn't jumping on beds in the showroom, you can find him cheering on his beloved Dragons.

Meet Allyn

Along with brother Garry, Allyn has taken on the A.H. Beard family business legacy. While his professional life has been spent in the mattress industry, if you saw him play a round of golf you might think otherwise.

Meet Sally

A fifth generation Beard, Sally is our National Training Coordinator. Having completed a 100km UltraMarathon, she knows all about training and the importance of quality sleep to acheive peak performance. 

Meet Matthew

With the last name Beard, Matthew has grown up around mattresses. Don't let the picture fool you though, he can also grow a pretty respectable beard.

Meet Gilllian

Our in-house sleep expert and National Training Manager. What Gillian doesn't know about sleep isn't worth knowing. 

Meet Ba

The man behind the master tape edge machine. He's been wearing that smile since the day he became a part of our family back in 1980.

Meet Jonathan

He's the eyes and ears behind our product development, or our Product Construction Manager, if you want to be proper about it. He is also the proud owner of some killer dance moves, in case you were wondering.

Better sleep starts with better habits

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